Research Grants


RGC-funded Projects:

  • Input and experience in early trilingual development, GRF project no: 14615820

      PI: Ziyin Mai (City University of Hong Kong) Co-I: Peggy Mok (CUHK), Wu Zhuang (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies), Virginia Yip (CUHK)

  • The impact of bilingual exposure on the language development of Cantonese-speaking children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 2019-2021, Project No. UGC/FDS16/H13/19

      PI: Haoyan Ge (Open University of Hong Kong), Co-I: Virginia Yip (CUHK) and Fang Liu (The University of Reading)

  • hildhood bilingualism and heritage language development 2016-2017, GRF Project no. 14632016

      PI: Virginia Yip (CUHK), Co-I: Stephen Matthews (HKU)

  • Input conditions and bilingual development in Hong Kong children 2014-2015

      PI: Virginia Yip (CUHK), Co-I: Stephen Matthews (HKU)

  • From Lexicon to Syntax in Childhood Bilingualism 2008-2011

      PI: Virginia Yip (CUHK), Co-I: Stephen Matthews (HKU) and Li Ping (Pennsylvania State University)

  • Rethinking Cantonese grammar: typology, processing and acquisition 2007-2010, RGC Ref. No. HKU748207H

      PI: Stephen Matthews (HKU) Co-I: Virginia Yip (CUHK)

  • Childhood Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition in Hong Kong Children: 2005-2006, RGC Ref. No. CUHK4692/05H

      PI: Virginia Yip(CUHK) Co-I: Stephen Matthews(HKU), Yasuhiro Shirai(Cornell University)

  • Parsing Principles and Constituent Order in Cantonese : 2004-2006, RGC Ref. No. 7258/04H

      PI: Stephen Matthews(HKU) Co-I: Elaine Francis (Purdue), Conrad Perry(HKU) and V. Yip (CUHK)

  • Cognitive and Brain Processing of the Chinese Language, RGC Central Allocation: 2003-2006

      PI: Li-Hai Tan (HKU) Co-I: C. Perry (HKU), J. Spinks (HKU), G. Shen (UT San Antonio), V. Yip (CUHK) & P. Fox (UT San Antonio)

  • Multimedia Perspectives On Bilingual Development, 2002-05

      PI:V. Yip Co-I: S. Matthews 

  • Universals and Specifics in Reading Development: Speed of Processing, Phonological Awareness, Morphological Awareness, and Home Literacy Environment, 2001-03

      PI: Catherine McBride (CUHK) Co-Investigators: Hua Shu (Beijing Normal University), Richard K.Wagner (Florida State University) and V.Yip 

  • A Cantonese-English Bilingual Child Language Corpus, 1997-2000

      PI: V.Yip, Co-I: S.Matthews (HKU) 

  • The Min Dialect of Chaozhou and Comparative Chinese Grammar, 1996-98

      PI: S. Matthews (HKU), Co-I: V. Yip 

  • The Development of Bilingual Competence in Hong Kong Children

      PI: S.Matthews(HKU), Co-I: V. Yip & Huang Yue-Yuan (HKBU) 

  • The Development of Grammatical Competence in the Formal ESL Learning Environment 1992-94

      PI: V.Yip, Co-I: G.Tang 

  • Studies in the Comparative Grammar of English and Cantonese,1992-96

      PI: S. Matthews(HKU), Co-I: V.Yip 


     Other Projects:

  • Computer-Aided Second Language Learning Through Speech-Based Human-Computer Interactions 2009-2011 (CUHK Shun Hing Institute of Advanced Engineering in the area of Multimedia Technologies 2009)

      PI: Helen Meng (CUHK, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management)

      Co-I: Pauline Lee (CUHK, Independent Learning Centre), Virginia Yip (CUHK, Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages)

  • Language Differentiation in Bilingual Acquisition 2003-2004 (CUHK Direct Grant).
  • Syntactic Categories in Early Bilingual Development 2002-2003 (CUHK Direct Grant).
  • Education Towards Biliteracy and Trilingualism: An Internet Support Project funded by Quality Education Fund

      PI: Kwan Tze-wan (Department of Philosophy, CUHK)

      Co-I:Virginia Yip (Department of MLC, CUHK),Chiang Ying Ho (Department of Chinese Language and Literature)

  • Cyber Discourse: A Linguistic Study on Chat Room Language 2000-2001(CUHK Direct Grant)
  • Minority Languages in Yunnan 2000-2001(CUHK Direct Grant


Funding Sources
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Our research is supported by parents, kindergartens and schools in the local community. If you are in charge of a local nursery/playgroup/kindergarten/primary school, or you are a parent or a guardian, and would like your children to take part in our projects, you are very welcome to contact us. Thank you!