CBRC was officially established in March 2008 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our mission:

  • to achieve excellence in research in childhood bilingualism and multilingualism
  • to serve children and parents in Hong Kong and the region by studying childhood bilingualism and propagating its positive outcomes
  • to document the development of bilingualism in bilingual children from its inception to maturity and demonstrate their achievements in attaining bilingual competence in childhood
  • to raise the public’s awareness of Hong Kong children’s development of biliteracy and trilingualism
  • to study and support revitalization of minority and heritage languages in the context of bilingual and multilingual education



  • 致力發展兒童雙語及多語研究並達致卓越成果
  • 通過研究兒童雙語發展及傳播其正面效果,服務香港及鄰近區域的兒童及家長
  • 記錄雙語兒童從獲得語言初期到語言能力逐漸成熟的雙語發展過程,展示他們在童年階段的雙語能力
  • 提高社會各界人士對香港兒童發展兩文三語的意識
  • 研究並支持少數民族語言和繼承語在雙語及多語教育環境下的振興