The establishment of the Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre (CBRC) in 2008 marks an important milestone in the development of research in language acquisition and bilingualism at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). CBRC was launched in 2008 with an inaugural international Conference on Bilingual Acquisition in Early Childhood. It is the first Centre of its kind in Asia dedicated to the study of childhood bilingualism and multilingualism in diverse environments and communities with a focus on the development of Cantonese, Mandarin and English. The Centre has been supported by the Focused Investment Scheme from CUHK and research grants from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.


The International Conference on Bilingualism: Language and Heritage will be held at CUHK on 18-19 December 2017

A warm welcome to the following members of CBRC:
Prof. Gloria Zhang (Adjunct Assistant Professor), Sheila Chan and Vaness Law (full time RA), Kathleen Ng and Riki Wu (PhD students) and Hannah Lam (MPhil student)
Summer Interns 2017: Christa Schmidt and Wang Huilei (Bryn Marwr College)

A Dialogue on Science Fiction Movies by Stanley Chan (陈楸帆) & Jedd Jong (21 May 2017)

Prof. Stephen Matthews' interview with Apple Daily (21 May 2017)

Workshop on Documenting Children’s Language
jointly organized by the Department of Linguistics (HKU), CUHK-Peking U-UST Joint Research Centre for Language and Human Complexity and Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre.

Date: Thursday 25 May 2017
Venue: 4/F Run Run Shaw Tower, University of Hong Kong

3:30-4:30pm Forum speaker: Prof. Evan Kidd, Australian National University
Widening the contexts of language acquisition
4:30-5:00pm discussion (moderator: Prof.Virginia Yip, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
5:00-5:15pm Prof. Anita Wong, University of Hong Kong
Documenting the language of children with Specific Language Impairment
5:15-5:30 pm Prof. Angel Chan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Documenting the language of bilingual minority children
5:30-5:45 pm Prof. Mai Ziyin and Prof. Virginia Yip, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Documenting the language of heritage children
5:45-6:00pm Q&A (moderator: Prof. Stephen Matthews, University of Hong Kong)

Revised editions of Basic Cantonese and Intermediate Cantonese by Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews are now available from Routledge. The books include Chinese characters for all example sentences. A big thank you to Szeto Pui Yiu for his assistance with the revision.

Prof. Stephen Matthews featured in RTHK TV program "Hong Kong Stories: Local Plus 香港故事-本土 plus+" released on 28 January 2017.

Prof. Stephen Matthews' interview with Apple Daily (25 January 2017)

An interview featuring Dr. Mark Antonio sharing his experience in bringing up his son Alexander as a English-Greek bilingual child. He is Senior Research Fellow at the MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University.

A warm welcome to Dr. Elaine Lau, our postdoctoral fellow who has joined CBRC!

Profs. Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews give invited talks at the International Conference on the Transformation and Innovation of Chinese Culture at the National University of Singapore, 2-3 December 2016.

Prof. Mai Ziyin gives a talk on Acquisition of Chinese by Heritage and Second Language Speakers: Grammatical Representation and Development on 6 December 2016.

A warm welcome to Prof. Jiang Ping who joined CBRC as affiliated member.

Prof. Stephen Matthews featured in interviews (episode 1 & episode 2) on his experience as a supervisor of postgraduate students.

Congratulations to Scarlet Li and her supervisor Prof. Gloria Zhang on the LSHK Outstanding Thesis Award!
Title of MA thesis: "The Relation of Working Memory, Declarative Memory, and Procedural Memory as Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition"

A warm welcome to Lam Bou-Lai Hannah from Harvard College, Fan Yujing Julia and Zhou Jieyu Joy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong who joined CBRC as full-time members recently.

Dr. Lucy Zhao, Director of the Sheffield Confucius Institute in the UK, gives a talk on “L2 acquisition of Mandarin overt and covert arguments and its implications for teaching” on Friday 14 October 2016 at 10:30am in Room 308 Lee Shau Kee Building.

Congratulations to Deng Xiangjun who has joined the Research Centre for Language and Cognition at Shenzhen University as Assistant Professor! We say farewell to her, Yu Zishu Sophia and Liang Yinyin Lana who are also moving on.

A warm welcome to a number of new full-time members who have joined CBRC recently: Zhu Yanxin Alice from Peking University, Wu Yuqi Riki and Li Wan Yee Scarlet from Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Prof. Salikoko Mufwene visits CBRC and delivers a distinguished lecture "The complex linguistic behavior of a plurilingual" on 26 June 2016.

Prof. Virginia Yip was invited by the HKSAR Education Bureau to give a public talk "Nurturing children's bilingual ability" 培育兒童的雙語能力 on 16 June 2016.

Prof. Stephen Matthews featured in interview with BBC on Cantonese and Pokemon.

Article in E-weekly: Issue 27 date: 2016/5/5 (video)

Prof. Stephen Matthews inteviewed by E Media Plus in May 2016 (video)

Prof. Antonella Sorace from the University of Edinburgh visits CBRC and discusses collaboration with our team on 11 April, 2016

Congratulations to the University of Cambridge on the successful bidding of a group grant funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)'s Open World Research Initiative. CBRC is pleased to be an international partner of the project.

Profs Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews are keynote speakers at the 3rd Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics (WICL-3) 12-13 March 2016

A multimedia child Mandarin corpus: the Tong corpus is deposited in the CHILDES archive in the EastAsian folder. Here's Brian MacWhinney's announcement on March 1 2016

Prof. Stephen Matthews interviewed by Apple Daily in February 2016 (video)

CBRC Directors interviewed by Apple Daily in February 2016 (video)

A warm welcome to Dr. Stephan Stiller who joins CBRC as full-time postdoctoral fellow from 1 February 2016

Prof. Stephen Matthews featured in Apple Daily article and video